“the Art and Science of wedge play”

   Over the last 6 years, we have tested and learned from the best TOUR players in the world. US Open Champions, PGA Champions, Masters Champions, Gold Medal Olympians, and World No.1’s have all participated in our data collection. 

Coming March 1, 2020

“The Art and Science of Wedge Play”

Wedge Craft Video Subscription

Join WedgeCraft for a 6-month wedge intensive. This wedge play submersion includes weekly video releases and monthly live webinars on various wedge play topics that are designed to improve both technique and scoring  inside of 100 yards.  This is a chance for players, coaches, and teachers alike to develop a deeper understanding of wedges.

We host wedge workshops and seminars in various locations around the world.  Please contact us for opportunities to host our programming at your facility.

Subscribe to receive the ” Art and Science of Wedge Play”, a six month wedge intensive series. In total, you will receive 3+ hours of instruction: delivered in 26 weekly videos and 6 monthly live-webinars.

Our videos/webinars are  in-depth discussions and demostrations on various wedge topics including:

Spin Creation
Training Progressions
Various Styles and Technique
Skill Develpoment
3D Analysis

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